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Friday, 12 October 2012


MaccaBerry - Maca & Botanical Beverage Mix Grape seed extracts

.Maca & Botanical Beverage Mix Grape seed extracts
10 sachets x 15 grams

Promotion Price: RM 70.00 

Ingredients: Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Salt Hill, Sucrose, Grapeseed, Blackcurrant Flavour, show sky. How to Keep: Keep in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Recommended Dosage: Drink one (1) time per day. way Use: Pour 1 packet MaccaBerry and mixed with 200 ml of warm water, stir and drink

MaccaBerry advantages:
  • Help boost the immune system, nervous system and cardiovascular system;
  • Help to manage diabetes and lowering high blood pressure without affecting people with normal blood pressure;
  • Help maintain kidney and heart;
  • Improves blood circulation and prevent stroke;
  • Stimulate appetite and treat male and female sexual problems;
  • Increase fertility of men and women;
  • Adding hormonal balance.
Information Maca
Maca is a tuber that grows at 12.500 to 14.000 feet above sea level on top of the Andes Mountain Range Plateaux, Peru. Maca has been found by a woman doctor, namely. Chacon. Maca is the only plant that can survive at this altitude due to the extreme conditions of temperature: too hot in the day and too cold at night. Maca ground vegetation has a high mineral content makes the plant Maca is rich in nutrients nutrition, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids.
plant species belong to this Maca potatoes. Color-wise it looks just like potatoes, but is shaped like a large carrot. Maca has a sweet taste. In Peru, maca is used in a variety of ways: raw, baked or dried. Peruvians make cookies, tarts, flakes and drinks using Maca. In Europe and North America, Maca is known in the dry form, capsules or gelatin. Maca root can be dried and processed, where it can be stored for several years.
Do MACA A Drug?
Maca is not a medicine. Maca is a nutritious highly nutritious food with medicinal properties. Community local population has been using the plant for thousands of years. Up to this day, the Peruvians use Maca as a source of energy, as other countries in North America, South America and Europe. Maca is known as "Peruvian Viagra" or "Peruvian Ginseng" because it helps stimulate the libido (sexual energy) men and women. However Maca has many other nutrients. Maca is a 100% natural product that does not have the negative side effects.
MACA vs Viagra
for men and women, Maca is used as a food supplement that is natural, refreshing and stimulating libido (sexual energy). Therefore, the plant has the title of "Peruvian Viagra" or "Peruvian Ginseng". Since Viagra was introduced, a lot of other products that also penetrate the market. All aimed to enhance sexual performance. There also have less of these products that lack scientific evidence of efficacy. However, Maca has a strong scientific evidence on the use and effectiveness of the method. People often call as Peruvian Ginseng Maca or Natural Viagra. To avoid misunderstanding, the table below shows the difference between Maca and Viagra.
MACA VS Viagra
  • Maca is suitable for men and women / Viagra is for men only
  • Maca is effective for long term / Viagra effective immediately but only for a short period
  • Maca improves stamina and energy / Viagra does not give a fitness function
  • Maca is a 100% natural and ogranik / Viagra is a chemical product
  • Maca overall effect on the body / Viagra no overall effect on the body
Nutritional Value In MACA
  • Carbohydrate: 59%
  • Lipids: 2%
  • Proteins: 14%
  • Minerals, Vitamins & Others: 16%
  • Fiber: 9%
  • Provide energy in muscle cells and prevent muscle fatigue
  • Seep into the seminal fluid to give energy to spermatozoids
  • Increasing activity levels spermatozoids
  • Prevent infertility in men and women because amino acids are the constituents of cell proliferation
  • Prevent deterioration of sexual desire and sexual dysfunction associated with hormone deficiency. Fatty acids needed for hormone synthesis
  • Washing the digestive tract. Improve absorption of nutrients
  • Needed in energy production and bone formation
  • Needed in energy production, hormone production and improve cardiovascular function (heart)
  • Stimulate the reproductive system for both men and women
  • Stimulating calcium and phosphorus regulation. Strengthen bones
MACA sterols
  • Increase female fertility and improve menopause problems

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