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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Royale Placenta Sheep Placenta Plus 36,000mg

Product of New Zealand
Product of New Zealand
30 Capsule
International Price :
Singapore – SG$ 328.00
Malaysia – RM 750.00
Our Offer  : RM 730.00
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About Royale Placenta
Sheep Placenta The Royal Treatment
  • Most people just know placenta as the vital organ that nourishes a foetus in the womb. It has been celebrated for years by the wealthy and celebrities alike for its ability to rejuvenate skin tissue and restore a youthful lustre to the face and body. Sheep placenta is used specifically because of the well-documented compatibility between sheep cells with human cells. Unlike artificial drugs which only work while they remain within our metabolic system, using completely natural cells extracted from sheep placenta yields positive, long lasting effects that return you to the glory of youth.
  • Placenta has long been used for over 1400 years as a beauty tonic, kidney tonic, aphrodisiac and to promote general health. The rich and famous are known to spend up to USD $30,000 for placenta live cell injections at exclusive Swiss clinics just to preserve their youth, vitality, physical and mental resilience. The Swiss clinics require an advance booking of 6-12 months and a minimum of 3-6 months to undergo this treatment.
  • Sheep placenta anti-ageing extracts can be measured similarly to diamond carats – flawless diamonds, like highly pure sheep placenta extracts are very rare, valuable and usually worth a king’s ransom. Now, the youth-preserving benefits of placenta cell therapy are no longer only for the privileged. Placenta in the form of capsules is now available to preserve your youth and health.
    Return to the Majesty of Youth with 120:1
    Pure Ratio of Fresh Sheep Placenta!
  • Introducing Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS, the anti-ageing supplement that helps to restore our bodies to the prime of youthful beauty and health by introducing young and vigorous new cells extracted from sheep into the body where they stimulate old and damaged cells to repair themselves – effectively making your body as good as new.
  • Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS is the sheep placenta anti-ageing supplement contains 300mg capsules that are derived from 36,000mg fresh sheep placenta – that is a 120:1 ratio of pure anti-ageing goodness per capsule
A Supplement Fit for a King of Anti-Ageing
  • The 120:1 pure ratio of fresh sheep placenta is responsible for slowing down the ageing process by stimulating your cells to continuously repair and rejuvenate themselves – resulting in literally, younger skin from the inside out!
  • Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS works much faster and has longer lasting benefits because of its paragon grade of pure, powerful sheep placenta Growth Factors, unlike other placenta extracts available.
  • It contains the highest ratio of sheep placenta growth factors per capsule ever made in New Zealand and Australia.
A Supplement Fit for a King of Beauty
  • Not satisfied with merely reversing the signs of ageing, Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS also enhances the user’s beauty with its high contents of collagen and Silk Amino Acids.
  • The collagen used in Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS is from Fish Maw. Fish Maw is known as a luxury ingredient in Chinese cuisines. Fish Maw is an excellent source of collagen which is also known for improving skin complexion. Other than that, it is also rich in protein which can effectively remove fatigue & speed up healing process of wounds. Fish Maw is also regarded as a nourishing tonic that helps blood circulation. Upon consumption it readily breaks into smaller, intact collagen molecules that are easy to absorb into the skin where it moisturises skin and reduces sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Silk Amino Acids on the other hand are natural protein fibres which are obtained by the hydrolysis of silk. The acids bind with the keratin found in skin to create a layer of defence against moisture loss and give the skin a very soft and velvety feel. Its low molecular weight allows it to be easily absorbed through the skin for maximum effect.
A Supplement Fit for a King of Health
  • It’s widely known that premature ageing is caused by free radical damage in our bodies – loose oxygen that wreck havoc on the delicate balance inside of us. Antioxidants protect against oxidative damage to the body by eliminating free radicals that cause us to age.
  • Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS contains Astaxanthin, the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It crosses the blood-brain & blood-retinal barriers to protect the eyes, brain, and nervous system from oxidative damage, restoring them to their youthful prime as well as maintaining blood pressure at healthy levels. Astaxanthin is also known to reduce arthritis, tendon, joint and muscle pains.
  • To maximise nutrient intake, Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS is added with Avocado Oil which contains high amount proteins, vitamins A, D & E, as well as mono & poly-unsaturated fatty acids to help boost the metabolism and reduce weight. Its unique properties also enable absorption of fat-soluble nutrients that allows the body to double the absorption of heart-healthy nutrients like beta Carotenes.
A Supplement Fit for a King of Comfort
  • Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS contains a previously unheard of 120:1 ratio of sheep placenta extract, now available for easy consumption for the first time ever in capsule form.
  • The increased metabolism and efficiency of your body on Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS can sometimes cause an uncomfortable ‘heaty’ sensation radiating throughout the body.
  • To eliminate this, Aloe Vera, a known cooling agent is added into Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS, making your journey turning back time to ultimate health and beauty a comfortable and pleasant experience.
Benefits Royale Placenta
  • Improves physical vitality, energy and stamina
  • Results in smoother, softer and more velvety skin
  • Hydrates skin and helps to reduce sagging, fine lines & wrinkles
  • Lightens pigmentation and clear dark spots
  • Helps to reduce sebum production and opens pores
  • Protects against Ultraviolet (UV) damage
  • Assists in burning excess body fat
  • Removes impurities and detoxifies the body
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Prevents cholesterol from entering the bloodstream and reduces existing blood cholesterol
  • Protects against cardiovascular diseases by improving blood circulation and vessel integrity
  • Helps suppress and prevent tumours & cancerous tissue from forming
  • Promotes healing of cuts, wounds, scarring and acne while improving skin regeneration
  • Improves blood glucose levels
  • Helps treat acute hepatitis (liver disease)
  • Boosts immune system protection
  • Prevent macular degeneration
  • Helps treat depression
  • Fights off Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s diseases
  • Treats heartburn, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Removes impurities and detoxifies the body
  • Regulates menstrual cycles and pain
  • Increases libido
Product Trust Royale Placenta
Royale Placenta – The Anti-ageing Brand You Can Trust
  • Quality – We are strictly adhere to National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Good Storage Practice (GSP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure that our product are produced, stored, transported, distributed and handled systematically and quality intended when it reaches consumer.
  • The 1st Supplement Company does LD50 Toxicity Test – On-going stability test with continuous improvement of Royale Placenta, many exceed Ministry of Health’s requirement. For instant, we are the first supplement company who does LD50 test (a measurement used in toxicology studies) on our product. LD50 test normally only done for pharmaceutical new entities.
  • Proven Results over 50,000 Satisfied Customers – Royale Placenta is one of the leading anti-ageing supplement brands in Singapore; also have presence in Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China. Our customers also come from as far as USA, Australia, Europe and all around.
Who needs Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS?
  • Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS is for anyone who wants to slow down the ageing process, revitalise their energy level and increase enjoyment of life.
  • Using Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS will revitalise and regenerate your cells to its full potential in the shortest period of time possible; giving you the energy and vitality you need every day.

Ingredients Royale Placenta
Ovine Placenta Extract (120:1) – Equivalent To Placenta Fresh 36,000mg -> 300 mg
(Species : Artiodactyla Ruminata Bovidae Ovis Aries)
  • Avocado Oil -> 200 mg
  • Silk Amino -> 100 mg
  • Fish Maw Collagen -> 100 mg
  • Beta Carotene 10% -> 50 mg
  • Astaxanthin 3.5% -> 10 mg
  • Aloe Vera Powder (Encasilating Aids and Colouring Aids) -> 10 mg
Indication : As a health supplement
Recommended Daily Intake : 1 capsule once a day before breakfast

FAQs Royale Placenta
1. What is Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS?
Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS is an anti-ageing supplement which contains the highest contents of sheep placenta extract in the market today – 300mg concentrated active growth factors distilled from 36,000mg of fresh New Zealand sheep placenta, giving the astonishing ratio of 120:1 pure, unadulterated anti-ageing sheep placenta extract!
2. What are Astaxanthin and Avocado Oil?
Astaxanthin is considered the most powerful antioxidant in the world and is generally found in deep sea animals like shell, salmon and krill. It crosses the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain from damage and deterioration. Avocado oil is the edible oil pressed from the fleshy pulp of avocados and is often called a ‘Nutrient Booster’ for its ability to maximise nutrient intake.
3. What is the recommended dosage for Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS?
For best results, take 1–2 capsules daily before breakfast. Users above the age of 35 are recommended to consume 2 capsules.
4. How long before I see any results?
Results may vary but generally users begin to notice changes after 2 weeks. It is advisable to continue taking Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS for a minimum of 3-6 months to see desirable and long-lasting benefits.
5. What kind of benefits can I expect from Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS?
You will feel more energetic, more focused and your skin will look considerably younger and softer.
6. Will the benefits go away immediately if I stop taking Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS?
The anti-ageing benefits may not necessarily go away if you stop taking Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at cellular regeneration but Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS helps to curb the deterioration of cells by restores your cells to their healthier state.
7. Are they any side effects from taking Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS?
There are no known side effects. Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS has been proven safe for consumptions by the health authorities of New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.
8. What makes Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS a superior choice over other cell therapy supplements?
Each 300mg capsule contains a 120:1 ratio of pure, unadulterated active bio-active material which is extracted from 36,000mg of fresh sheep placenta. It is the purest anti-ageing sheep placenta extract in the market place available in a single capsule because the bio-active material is distilled from a large sample to ensure top-notch quality. This kind of purity is not usually found in other types of cell therapies.
9. Is Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS helpful to those suffering from menopausal symptoms?
Menopause causes a decline in health, beauty and vitality due to ageing skin and deteriorating cells in women. Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS revitalises and regenerates cells to restore the glory and vitality of youth.
10. Can men consume Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS as well? What can men expect from taking it?
This anti-ageing supplement is meant for both men and women. After consuming Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS for about a month, men should feel more energetic and find improvement in stamina and libido.

Testimonials Royale Placenta
Mandy Tham, 30 (Female)
Health issue – Skin disease
  • I have been tortured by a skin disease for 10 years. Every part of my skin was flawed. I was itchy everywhere and my skin was oozing liquid. When I just could not bear it anymore, I would scratch like mad until my skin bled. It was pure agony. I had to refrain from eating seafood like prawns, crabs, squids etc. The consequence would be dire if I accidentally took some seafood. In those difficult days, I had to rely on my mother to bathe and get dressed. I was so helpless that I became melancholic. I saw a lot of skin specialists, but they could not help me. Worse, I had to borrow money to pay the medical bills. Treatment by those skin specialists gave symptomatic relief at most, and the seemingly incurable problems would come back with a vengeance after a while.
  • So I switched gear over time. I began to turn to health food supplements from direct selling companies. I tried different products from various companies, but there was little improvement. So I consulted a pharmacist, hoping that she would be able to recommend some products that could cure my skin disease. She recommended collagen, hoping to see my skin reborn or some improvement. I took 6 tubs but did not see any effects. I was desperate for a cure then, so I turned to sheep placenta, but there were so many brands in the market that I eventually decided to call CellLabs for further information.
  • I have been taking one capsule of CellLabs Sheep Placenta a day since 16th February 2012. Lo and behold, the scratch marks on my skin began to recover after one week! I was so happy! My husband was amazed by the improvement too. Apart from that, I tried to eat some seafood, for which I had refrained for a long time, and there were no allergic reaction at all. My skin is really reborn! People around me notice the difference in me too—my used-to-be-dry-and-scarred skin has turned radiant, fair and smooth. Now my family members are following my footstep by taking CellLabs products. How can I ever thank CellLabs Sheep Placenta, which has made my skin healthy and radiant again. I would strongly recommend it to people with allergic skin. Be brave. Try it!
  • These are the photos of me before and after taking CellLabs Sheep Placenta. My skin is recovering fast, but some scars on my hands and legs are still evident.
Edmond Lim, 48 (Male)
Health issue – Stroke
  • I am a 48 years old male stroke patient. In Sep 1997, at 33 years old, I suffered a massive stroke due to AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) – A defect in blood vessels that causes brain haemorrhage. I went through a massive brain operation and survived the attack. Through lots of hard work, I have regained a fair bit of movement and am able to walk again. However, the after stroke has affected the movement of my left arm.
  • Due to lack of movement and poor blood circulation, my left arm often become stiff and I suffered severe pain especially in the early morning. Due to stroke, the left part of my body has also lost its normal skeletal muscle tone and that adds stiffness and pain to the body.
  • I started consume CellLabs Sheep Placenta in late 2011. After 3 months of consumption, I notice good improvements to my skeletal muscle tone. The muscle is “more relaxed” and the stiffness is reduced. I can sleep better at night and do not feel so much pain in the morning.
  • In the next 2 months of consumption, I feel much better with more energy and alertness. I also feel tingling sensation on my left arm from time to time and I guess the supplement is working in repairing the body. Although I have not regained mobility of my left arm yet, the relaxation of my muscle tone has given me the chance to practice movement that I was not able to do before. While I am now able to lift my left arm straight as I don’t have so much pain on my left shoulder anymore, I am now slowly and patiently trying to train my finger to respond to my will.
  • Although the improvements mentioned above may seem little in the eyes of the ordinary public, as a stroke patient, these are marvellous improvements and I will continue to consume CellLabs Sheep Placenta and try my best to regain control of my body.
John Seah, 37 (Male)
Health issue – Lethargic, dry flaky skin, fine wrinkles, anemia
  • I have been working in the marine industry, with a super hectic schedule and I have always felt my energy level drained.
  • After I started consume Royale Placenta Sheep Placenta Plus, I feel much better with more energy and alertness. I’m able to sleep through the night and wake up at regular times. Therefore, I feel more energetic after a day full of hectic activities. Now, I am onto my 2nd box, as I am very confident that it will improve my energy levels and my youthful outlook on life return.
  • I will continue to support Royale Placenta Sheep Placenta Plus, and recommend to my marine colleagues, cycling khakis whose hectic schedules drain all their energy. And, people who are of my age group, where they started to feel the decline in their energy levels, as compared to during their younger days.
  • Last but not least, I would like to thank Health Sanctuary Pte. Ltd. and Alloiscius in introducing this supplement to me.


  1. Very interesting. Who would have thought that sheep placentas could help fight aging. It's amazing what science can figure out.

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